About Us

Who is 4CORE?

The Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency (4CORE) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with a mission to serve as the leading resource for the effective and efficient use of energy to promote and sustain vibrant local communities. 4CORE works with the Southwest Colorado community to conserve natural resources through education and outreach, as well as provide services and programs to ensure a better quality of life in southwest Colorado.


4CORE serves Southwest Colorado by promoting resource conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy through education and programs that strengthen the local economy and foster a healthy, sustainable environment.

Focus Areas

  • Energy Efficiency, health, and safety focus for commercial buildings and homes,
  • Innovative Solutions, or forward thinking energy solutions, including solar photo voltaic (PV),
  • Resource Efficiency Education for building professionals and residents, and
  • Energy Information Hub, distributing relevant, accurate information and resources for inspiring resourceful living in SW Colorado and beyond.


  • Goal 1: Educate regional residents on the benefits of integrating and adopting resource conservation measures and energy efficiency practices into their daily lives.
  • Goal 2: Provide the programs and tools that conserve resources, reduces energy consumption and creates renewable energy opportunities to businesses, residents and low-income households who would benefit the most from conservation and efficiency programs.
  • Goal 3: Work collaboratively with regional organizations, utilities, counties and municipalities to maximize program efficiencies and reach the most residents in the region.
  • Goal 4: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions ensuring cleaner, healthier air and water for our region.

Our Location

Located in The West Building

Physical: 835 East 2nd Ave, #200
Mailing: 10 Town Plaza #190
Phone: 1.970.259.1916
Email: info@fourcore.org

Patrick Cummins,  Chair (Center for the New Energy Economy, Colorado State University)
Dr. Laurie Williams, Secretary (Fort Lewis College / Engineers Without Borders)                                                                                          Bonnie Rozean, Treasurer ( Independent Financial Manager)
Nancy Andrews, (La Plata Electric Association)
Jack Turner (member at large)                                                                                                                                                                          Heather Erb, Realtor
Mark McKibben, La Plata County
Dan Naiman, Town of Ignacio
Laurie Dickson, Executive Director
Emily Birk, Program Manager
Cynthia Aspen, Financial Manager

4CORE’s ability to provide essential resource efficiency programs and projects is possible through grants, partnering with utilities, local governments, national and regional foundations as well as federal and state grants. Community support is critical to matching grant funds and your contribution makes a significant impact in where we focus our programs and how much we can do for your town or community. Learn more on our Support page.

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