4CORE serves Southwest Colorado by promoting resource conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy through education and programs that strengthen the local economy and foster a healthy sustainable environment.

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Four Corners Office for Resource Efficiency

Our Beginnings

4CORE was formed in 2008 by a coalition of diverse stakeholders, including representatives from local municipalities, utilities, energy companies, and other organizations and businesses with the goal of creating an organization to promote resource efficiency. The resulting nonprofit organization is a unique collaboration among local utilities, local governments, and grass root citizens’ efforts. The organization has provided education, outreach and services to low-income households in the five-county region. 4CORE’s mission is to serve Southwest Colorado as the leading resource for the effective and efficient use of energy to promote and sustain vibrant local communities.

Our Impact

4CORE’s programs have had measurable impacts in the region by educating, implementing and administering weatherization audits and upgrades for low-income families, resource efficiency education to businesses, healthy home programs and solar installations for low-income housing. These dedicated programs reduce the need for coal-fired power generation resulting in a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and cost-savings on electric utilities for hundreds of residents and businesses in southwest Colorado. These projects have a positive impact on the indoor and outdoor air quality, water efficiency, save money and support the well-being of the residents throughout the region.

4CORE serves southwest Colorado by promoting resource conservation, energy efficiency and renewable energy through education and programs that strengthen the local economy and foster a healthy, sustainable environment.
Goal 1: Educate regional residents on the benefits of integrating and adopting resource conservation measures and energy efficiency practices into their daily lives.

Goal 2: Provide the programs and tools that conserve resources, reduces energy consumption and creates renewable energy opportunities to businesses, residents and low-income households who would benefit the most from conservation and efficiency programs.

Goal 3: Work collaboratively with regional organizations, utilities, counties and municipalities to maximize program efficiencies and reach the most residents in the region.

Goal 4: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions ensuring cleaner, healthier air and water for our region.

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Our Volunteers and Sponsors Make Our Work Possible

  • Volunteers contribute hundreds of hours, supporting their neighbors and investing time in our communities.
  • The region’s local businesses and individuals financial support makes it possible for 4CORE to present robust programs and project in our communities.
  • Local governments and utilities recognize the importance of resource conservation and energy efficiency and provide 4CORE with essential program support

Providing Affordable Solar Power and Energy Efficiency Programs

“This energy audit makes our space even more enjoyable for everyone…and we actually saved money the very next day!”
“Without 4CORE’s weatherization work, we would have never figured out why we were feeling so sick. The auditor found a leak of carbon monoxide from the water heater. Thanks 4CORE for making our home safer!”