What We Do

4CORE programs and projects are designed, created and managed to provide the communities and businesses of the southwest region of Colorado with the paths to conserve natural resources, provide energy efficient practices through education and outreach and implementation. The goal of our organization is to significantly impact the reduction of harmful greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change and the warming planet.

4CORE’s Focus Areas

  • Energy Efficiency

    Programs that provide the education and project implementation that save energy dollars for businesses and residents while reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Innovative Solutions

    Forward-thinking solutions for renewable energy, solar installations, energy efficiency, water conservation and the projects that can provide programs and services in the region for families, individuals and businesses who will benefit the most from resourceful, healthy living.

  • Resource Conservation Education

    All of 4CORE’s programs include education and outreach that emphasizes the principles of saving and reduction at the beginning, during program implementation and as a follow-up with participants. 4CORE aims to create a deeper understanding of our resource conservation, water saving ideas and energy consumption patterns that affect our environment.

  • Information Hub

    We gather the most relevant and up-to-date energy and resource efficiency ideas, professional contacts, regional news and links to other organizations relevant to the important work of slowing down global warming, conserving resources and supporting sustainable communities.