Home H2O Program

Why Collect Rain Water?

Businesses and homeowners pay for water three times—once to buy it from a utility, once to heat it using natural gas or electricity, and once to dispose of it as wastewater.

In Colorado, it’s estimated that 1.2 gallons of water are consumed per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of energy used. 13% of the nation’s energy use is by the water sector.

About the Program

The Home H2O Program offered a discounted group-buy program for residential rain water barrels and DIY build-your-own rain barrel workshops from March through May, 2017.

The Program will continue to provide outreach on water conservation and be a resource for residential rain water harvesting.

The goal of this program is to reach at least 200 residents and help save 1,200,000 gallons of water in our region every year – enough water to fill roughly two Olympic-size swimming pools.

Rainwater harvesting is estimated to save 65% of outdoor water demand

Two Paths to Choose for Water Conservation

Rain Barrel Group Purchase Program

4CORE’s Group Purchase Program is now closed.

We sold 68 rain barrels… that’s 396,000 gallons of harvested rain water for each person’s legal 110 maximum collection!


Pick Up Day for Rain Barrels, One Day Only!

*** Group pick up for group-purchased rain barrels will be on Sunday, May 7 10am-4pm at La Plata County Fairgrounds. Participants Must pick up their barrels on this day – no exceptions!

Get Your Rain Barrel

You can still purchase the IVY Rain Barrel through other online distributors such as Hay Needle.

Also find rain barrels at local stores such as Kroegers Ace Hardware or our local Home Depot. Home Depot also sells DIY kits for $31.


“DIY Build a Rain Barrel” Workshops

Hands-On Workshops for $38. Includes All Parts and Instruction with Santa Fe Water Harvesting Professional, Doug Pushard from HarvestH2O. You must register to attend a workshop in your area by calling 970-259-1916 or emailing laurie@fourcore.org

      • Saturday, May 6, 9am-12:00pm Registration Full!

Additional participants can still attend the information session (without constructing a rain barrel) and learn how to construct your own DIY barrel for a donation of $10

MEET HERE for the first section: Animas Room at the La Plata Fairground from (9-11am)
Construction SegmentOhana Kuleana Community Garden, 564 East 30th St., Durango, CO (11am-12:30pm


      • Saturday, May 6, 2:00-5:30PM

Cortez Recreation Center, 425 Roger Smith Ave., Cortez, CO – Filling Fast!

Images by Jennaye Derge of the Durango Telegraph. Read the latest about the Home H2O Program and the recent DIY Rain Barrel Construction Workshop at Ska Brewing

Program Sponsors

Program Partners

Workshop Facilitator

Doug Pushard founded HarvestH2o.com over 10 years ago as a personal expression of his interest in the subject of rainwater catchment and water conservation. Doug has been published and featured in several magazines, including: ARCSA Newsletter, BUILDERnews, New York Times, High Country News, Back Home, EcoStructure, Green Fire Times, Home Power, Lowe’s Online, OnTap, Plenty, Santa Fe Real Estate Magazine, Santa Fean Magazine, Smart HomeOwner, SUN Monthly, Sustainable Santa Fe, Sustainable Taos, Timber Home Living, Taos News, Turf Magazine, Water Today, Fox News, Green Patriot Radio and others. Additionally, Doug has presented on rainwater and water conservation at conferences around the United States.

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