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Colorado State Programs

Federal Programs

Mortgage Programs

Regional Housing Alliance of La Plata County
Homebuyer Education and Mortgage Assistance and more.

Low Cost Financing for Energy Saving Home Improvements

Homebuyers and owners can obtain a substantially reduced mortgage interest rate on the purchase or refinance of a Colorado home when certain energy efficiency or renewable energy systems are included in the construction or renovation of the home. Insulation, air sealing, windows, doors, upgraded furnace, hot water heater, or boiler, solar panels, or efficient lighting improvements are possible.

Introduction to the Colorado ENERGY STAR ® and Energy Saving Mortgage Programs

Reduced interest rate for home buyers that invest in an ENERGY STAR rated home or  choose to renovate an existing home for energy efficiency.
Residential Resources

4CORE is dedicated to helping renters and homeowners use energy effectively and efficiently in their homes. To that end we offer a number of services including:

Tax Incentives & Rebate Programs

Federal Tax Credit 

  • Energy Efficiency: Up to $500 for qualifying efficiency upgrades.
  • Renewables: 30% of the cost of the system for qualifying renewables installed after 2008 (no maximum).

Utility Rebates

Energy Star Rebate Program

Reduce utility bills in LPEA territory by replacing old refrigerators or freezers with newer Energy Star models. Old appliances can consume 2 - 4 times more energy annually than a new model. How Much?
  • $40 for Purchasing an ENERGY STAR Refrigerator/Freezer
  • $40 for Dishwashers
  • $40 for Clothes washers
How to Get the Energy Star Rebate:
  1. Verify that a specific model qualifies by visiting and review the complete list.
  2. Visit the LPEA site and submit the application
  3. Submit the application within 180 days of purchase, along with an original, dated proof-of-purchase invoice or receipt by mail or in person:
La Plata Electric Association
45 Stewart Street, Durango
603 S. 8th Street, Pagosa Springs

Where do I get an Energy Star Appliance?

ENERGY STAR appliance rebates are offered through area vendors as well as through manufacturers. For more information, go to the Energy Star Web site and enter your zip code and any appliances you are interested to obtain a rebate for.

What do I do with my old Refrigerator? Get another rebate!
  • $25 for Recycling a Refrigerator/Freezer
  • Recycle Rebates are available year round

An Investment that Pays for Itself
The HomeRx provides a streamlined process for homeowners to save money on utility bills and improve home health. This is done by assessing your home, linking you with financing and incentives, making energy efficiency improvements, and having work inspected and approved by a 4CORE inspector. 

You spend much of your time in your home, so why not make it efficient, safe, and comfortable, while also saving money on utility bills?  Learn more here

Community Resources for Housing & Home Repairs

Community Resources List

* If your organization provides housing assistance or home repair programs and you would like to be added to this list please email:
Solarize Our Community

We're Going Solar!

We've made half our Goal!

The '50 Systems Challenge' posed by  Shaw Solar has been met and The Woman's Resource Center and Boys and Girls Club of La Plata will now receive free solar energy.  Fifty Solarize La Plata participants have confirmed their commitment to install solar by signing contracts with local contractors.

A total of 381 people signed up for Solarize La Plata, and five solar contractors have distributed over 178 solar system proposals. The program’s goal is 100 systems installed by summer of 2014. 

Stay tuned for solar progress!

Healthy Homes, Healthy Families - free workshops!

Improving the Air Quality and Safety of your Home:
A Healthy Home is designed, built and maintained to support our health and basic needs and protect us from illness and injury.

 Healthy Home Principles:
  • Keep it Dry
  • Keep it Clean
  • Keep it Well-Ventilated 
  • Keep it Pest-Free
  • Keep it Well-Maintained
  • Keep it Free from Contaminants 

Learn more here